About Peter:

“I believe successful nature photography requires a strong blend of art, science and technology, and most importantly, a love of nature. It is the culmination and the creative "blending" of these elements that produce the compelling images that speak to our hearts and excite our visual senses.” -------- Peter Shinyeda

I was born overseas and grew up in the Midwestern United States but have spent my adult life in Arizona. I have traveled the world extensively during my 30-year career in the high tech industry and now feel blessed to be able to spend the second phase of my life as a Nature and Landscape Photographer.

Through my travels, I’ve developed strong appreciation and respect for the unique natural beauty that exist in Arizona and throughout the Southwestern United States. There is nothing in the world that can rival the majesty of the Grand Canyon but there are many places throughout the State that are special to me. I am awed by the spiritual red rocks of Sedona, the serene, otherworldly landscape of Lake Powell, the desolate heartbreaking beauty of the desert and the never-disappointing saturated color of an Arizona sunset. The soaring peaks of Monument Valley, cliff dwellings of the Anasazi at Canyon De Chelley, Havasupai Falls and desert wildflowers after an uncharacteristically wet winter have presented ongoing opportunities to “Capture the Moment”.

These experiences have brought me so much joy and being able to capture these experiences through the art of photography has prolonged the memories of these special moments.